Our existence in the Internet

May 18, 2017

An overview of various tools and services that were used for building and hosting this website is provided. It is strongly recommended to take a look at it.


Jekyll is an open source blog-aware static site generator written in Ruby. Knowledge of programming in Ruby is not needed for building sites in Jekyll. Jekyll is a command line utility that can be used in any machines installed with ruby. Posts can be written in Markdown format and customize it with just HTML and CSS knowledge. Sites built using Jekyll can be hosted using any static server. Also it can be hosted in Github pages for free.


GoDaddy is a web hosting and domain registrar company. It is a widely used service for domain registration. In addition to that, they also provide professional email, WordPress hosting and much more services. The domain name for this website has been registered with GoDaddy.


Cloudflare is a company providing Security as a Service (Not to be confused with Software as a Service). They provide various services like Domain Name Server (DNS), Content Delivery Network (CDN) for websites. They also provide a basic SSL protection for free of charge.


GitHub is an online Git repository hosting service. A software developer might have heard of GitHub already. It is most commonly used website to host Open Source software and libraries. GitHub offers unlimited public repositories for free and private repositories for a reasonable price. GitHub provides pages service using which a small website for user/organisation/project can be hosted for free. This site is hosted using GitHub Pages.


Disqus is a blog comment hosting service. Disqus can be integrated easily with various services like Wordpress, Tumblr and also for most static site generators like Jekyll, Hexo and so on. It adapts well both in mobile and web. It also offers upvotes, downvotes, threaded replies to the comments.

A basic overview of the tools and services that used for building and hosting this blog is given. Love the way that is used for our existence on the internet. Share your comments below.

Sasivarnan R

Written by Sasivarnan R who lives and works in Bengaluru, India. You should follow him on Twitter